A slim majority of California residents voted in favor of Proposition 19 on Election Day, green-lighting a motion that gives new property tax breaks to older homeowners while increasing prope

Existing home sales came in at a whopping 6,850,000, beating estimates

Existing home sales grew for the fifth consecutive month in October, up 4.3% from

The average U.S. Murfreesboro mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed loan fell this week to 2.72%, Freddie Mac said in a report on Thursday – the lowest rate in the survey’s n

Homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina and Raleigh, North Carolina can now use Knock

The homeownership rate in Texas rose to an all-time high of 70% in the third quarter, exceeding the national metric for the first time since 2012, according to a

At the Notarize Rewired event Wednesday on the panel, Home Buying After COVID, four experts talked about some of the largest pain poi

The Federal Housing Finance Agency(FHFA) released its