Change is inevitable, and there is arguably no industry more prone to change than American real estate. From rapid technological advancements employed by real estate agents to innovations sur

Mortgage applications for new home purchases dipped by 15.2% year-to-year in October, according to a monthly builder survey published by the Mortgage Bankers Association this

Rising home prices continue to fuel the growth of the nation’s multi-trillion dollar home-equity market, a fact not lost on behemoth investment-management firm PIMCO.


Michigan-based wholesale Murfreesboro lender Homepoint is the latest firm to announce that it is making five, seven and 10-year adjustable-rate mortgages available to its net

Real estate investors spent a record $63.6 billion to purchase

The reverse Murfreesboro mortgage portion of the Federal Housing Administration’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (MMIF) has reached a positive capital ratio on the overall government-backed